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Hamlet 1/2'' Oval Skew
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Brand: Hamlet Model: HCT096
1/2'' Oval skew with 10'' handle. ..
Ex Tax:£30.90
Brand: Hamlet Model: HCT104
1/2" Rolled Edge Skew, 10" handle, Walleted..
Ex Tax:£27.35
Brand: Record Power Model: 103570
1/2'' Skew with 12'' handleProbably the most versatile tool for working between centres - they can give a silkysmooth finish and may also be used for creating beads, coves and other decorative elements.These tools are manufactured to a standard that makes them perfect for use by demanding profession..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Hamlet Model: HCT105
3/4" Rolled Edge Skew, 8 1/2" handle, Walleted..
Ex Tax:£30.60
Brand: Record Power Model: 103580
3/4'' skew chisel 12'' handle..
Ex Tax:£42.99
Brand: Hamlet Model: HCT098
1" Oval Skew Chisel, 10'' handle, Walleted..
Ex Tax:£39.80
Brand: Record Power Model: 103590
1'' Skew chisel 12'' handle..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Record 1" Oval Skew
-10 %
Brand: Record Power Model: CH910
1" Oval Skew Chisel with short handle (9" handle length)..
£35.99 £39.99
Ex Tax:£35.99
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