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Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tool Set
-25 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 805HS set
Captive ring tool set includes 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" cutters also the optional mushroom cutter will fit this tool...
£58.00 £77.75
Ex Tax:£58.00
Special Clearance
Robert Sorby Midi Side & End Cutter
-27 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: RS112C
Midi Side & End Cutter for RS100KT...
£8.00 £11.00
Ex Tax:£8.00
Special Clearance
Robert Sorby Mini-Round Nose Cutter
-25 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 804C06
Mini round nose cutter will fit 803H, 804H and 805H tools...
£8.00 £10.70
Ex Tax:£8.00
Robert Sorby Mushroom Tool
-23 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 804H
Mushroom tool. Other cutters can be fitted to this tool i.e. captive ring cutters...
£32.50 £42.13
Ex Tax:£32.50
Model: RS233S
Spare screws to fit hollowing tools i.e RS100,RS130,RS200 and RS230...
Ex Tax:£0.65
Special Clearance
Robert Sorby Side & End Cutter
Out of Stock -29 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: RS212C
Side & End Cutter for RS200KT..
£10.55 £14.90
Ex Tax:£10.55
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