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Robert Sorby Micro

Model: 888/11
Modular micro French curve scraper 1/4''...
Ex Tax:£14.65
Model: 889
Robert Sorby’s popular modular micro system is now supported by a new extended handle. The new 7 ¾ ” (196mm) anodized aluminium handle (ref 889) offers an extended knurled grip to allow for even greater leverage when turning larger objects for longer periods of time. As with the shorter 5 ¾”..
Ex Tax:£23.25
Model: 888/3
Modular micro parting tool 2mm (1/16'')..
Ex Tax:£13.90
Model: 888/5
Modular micro parting/beading tool 5/32''...
Ex Tax:£13.90
Model: 888/1
At 13mm this tool has 5mm more cutting edge than its micro tool equivalent adding to its ability to remove waste quickly and efficiently. Designed specifically for the Modular series of tools it is commonly used for the initial turning of uneven or square spindle stock to round. The shape of the rou..
Ex Tax:£16.75
Model: 888SM
Modular micro handled sandmaster..
Ex Tax:£53.00
Model: 411
Spare arbor head for the micro sandmaster..
Ex Tax:£13.20
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