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Flexcut Carving

Flexcut are excellent quality.

Flexcut Carving Jack Flexcut Carving Jack
-21 %
Model: JKN91
Flexcut have produced this multi-bladed pocket carving tool which they describe, quite justifiably, as a complete carving kit in your pocket. Perfect for carving any time or anywhere.- Right-handed Carvin' Jack is the ultimate for portability, wherever you are, or whenever you have time to carve.- L..
£160.00 £202.18
Ex Tax:£160.00
Flexcut Detail Jack
-20 %
Model: JKN90
A Flexcut Jack in its simplest form Aerospace-grade aluminium handle Super sharp and ready for use Fine point perfect for detailing Doubles as a great pocket knife..
£42.30 £52.88
Ex Tax:£42.30
Flexcut Detail Knife Set (KN400) Flexcut Detail Knife Set (KN400)
-21 %
Model: KN400
A great little 3 piece detail carving knife set from Flexcut. As with all their edge tools, they are extremely comfortable to handle and will hold a razor sharp edge. The set contains the KN20 Mini chip knife, KN27 Mini detail knife, the extremely popular KN19 Mini Pelican knife and a block of Flexc..
£79.99 £100.78
Ex Tax:£79.99
Model: KN25
This handy little draw knife was developed for fan carving but works great for skinning bark and chamfering edges...
Ex Tax:£43.00
Model: PW11
A specially formulated abrasive compound which is applied to the strop like a crayon and imparts a fine polish to the edge of the tool. A very effective way of sharpening all carving tools, not just Flexcut...
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: KN15
These knives are made with the same edge-holding steel as the Flexcut gouges and chisels. This traditional chip carving knife is honed, polished and ready to carve. The comfortable carved handle allows for long periods of carving without fatigue...
Ex Tax:£24.85
Model: KN19
KN19 Mini Pelican Knife. The mini-pelican knives offer the same features as their larger brother (KN18) only with a 22mm ultra thin blade for the lowest resistance when fine cutting is required. The smaller handle is faceted with multiple control points to allow them to be held in a variety of comfo..
Ex Tax:£29.55
Model: KN20
KN20 Mini Chip Knife. The mini-chip carving knife has a 16mm ultra thin blade, making unwanted chipping in delicate cuts less likely. The smaller handle is faceted with multiple control points to allow them to be held in a variety of comfortable positions...
Ex Tax:£24.35
Model: KN26
The hook knife blade is curved, similar to a gouge for working in hollows with ease and fast stock removal. The handedness (right or left) is designated by pulling the tool toward you...
Ex Tax:£25.30
Model: KN27
The mini-detail knife has the smallest 19mm straight blade. It is made from ultra-thin material so as not to disturb adjacent wood for very delicate cuts...
Ex Tax:£30.80
Model: KN17
This miniature drawknife is designed for hard-to-reach areas, where a pulling action is more conducive to efficient stock removal. The flexible shank allows the cutting angle to be changed easily for contoured cuts...
Ex Tax:£23.15
Flexcut Pocket Knife Roll
-20 %
Model: KN00
This tool roll will accept up to 4 Flexcut knives to protect the edges...
£14.00 £17.58
Ex Tax:£14.00
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