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Brand: Proxxon Model: 28526
The sanding belt is located flush on the left side to allow surfaces to be sanded "right down to the corner". A fine adjustment for the rollers prevents running off on the side. Spring clamping system for easy replacement of belts without tool: Packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case together with ..
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 28060
Disc Sander TG250/E. Electronic speed control 250 - 750rpm Includes chart for recommended speeds on different materials Main body & table of ribbed die-cast aluminium Table tilts 15° inwards & 45° outwards Disc diameter 250mm. Dust collection adaptor included Supplied with mitre fence and..
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 28547
The long,slim head of die-cast aluminium makes the LWS ideal in numerous applications,even parting. A carborundum grinding disc of grit 60, a fan sander of grit 100 and a reinforced cutting disc are included.Features include a special,balanced motor. Used on steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramic..
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 28644
This carver is for sensitive carving without exerting force. With gear head made of die-cast aluminium. Perfect for carving all wood types, for renovating and working on furniture, reconditioning antiques, lino cutting and paint removal. Gear head of die-cast aluminium (CNC machined). For high stabi..
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 27006
The 58mm diameter super-cut blade cuts soft woods up to 8mm. The 85W VDE tested motor is quiet, operates off 220 - 240V and has a prolonged life expectancy. Cutting performance: in wood up to 8mm, plastics (Pertinax too) to approx. 3mm, non-ferrous metals to approx. 1.5mm. Even fibreglass reinforced..
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Proxxon MOS Carver Package
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 718253
The Proxxon MOS carver features a low noise 50W DC motor with extremely high life expectancy, the gear head is made of die-cast aluminium and the main housing, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide. It is excellent for the carving of all types of wood and plaster. Very popular for woodcarving, antique re..
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 28472
1001 uses for every conceivable operation: milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, brushing, cleaning, de-rusting, sawing, carving, engraving etc. The maximum speed of 20,000rpm is continuously variable down to 5,000rpm. The full wave electronic speed control results in virtually constant torque, ev..
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Proxxon Super Jig Saw
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Model: 28530
This is a precision jigsaw for cutting smaller and more intricate work. The main housing is die-cast aluminium for longevity. The base tilts up to 45° for mitre/angled cuts. The stroke speed is variable between 2,000 and 4,500 strokes per minute, with full wave electronic speed control. An ideal to..
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