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Charnwood NVR Switch Unit
Out of Stock -17 %
Model: W026
No Volt Release Switch for Powertools. For Any Powertools Up To 2200w Integral 3 Pin Socket Separate Start and Stop Buttons Cover Acts As Emergency Stop Supplied With 2m Cable and Plug The switch can be mounted to the steel frame of any router table or mounted in any convenient location avoiding the..
£25.00 £30.00
Ex Tax:£25.00
Model: KBKS
High quality pocket-hole screws for use on a wide variety of exterior projects...
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: KPS/C
Kreg pocket screws washer head with course thread. High quality zinc plated for use on a wide variety of projects. Please select size below...
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: 970706
Switch from drilling pocket-holes to driving pocket screws in seconds. Includes quick change chuck, 152.4mm (6") driver and a 9.525mm (3/8") hex-shank pocket-hole drill bit, including hex wrench and depth collar...
Ex Tax:£32.85
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Kreg Wood Project Clamp
-25 %
Model: KHC6
KREG KHC6 152mm Wood Project Clamp + AutomaxxQuick, convenient clamping with automatic adjustment152mm reach; clamps materials up to 127mm thickAdjusts automatically to match material thicknessEasy-to-regulate pressure with a simple thumbscrewLarge clamp faces spread pressure evenlyErgonomic padded ..
£27.85 £37.15
Ex Tax:£27.85
Trend 12 piece 1/4'' Cutter Set
Out of Stock -33 %
Brand: Trend Model: SET/SS8x1/4TC
This twelve piece cutter set contains a range of the most widely used cutters for decorative woodworking. Excellent value for money. Supplied in plastic carry case..
£34.00 £51.10
Ex Tax:£34.00
Special Clearance
Trend Aquamac 21 Recesser 46.3mm
-25 %
Model: C207X1/2TC
Recessing cutter will accommodate the Schlegel Aquamac 21 or Exitex Aquatex A10 seal. This cutter is designed for use with the seal in a wiping mode and comes complete with a guide bearing to reduce setting-up time and simplify machining operations...
£47.40 £63.20
Ex Tax:£47.40
Special Clearance
Trend Guided Biscuit Jointer 1/4''S
-26 %
Model: C152X1/4TC
This two wing self-guiding Tungsten Carbide Tipped slotting cutter is ideal for biscuit jointing. The set is supplied with three ball bearing guides to suit the three sizes of biscuits available. A slightly longer cut than the length of the biscuit is required for ease of alignment durin..
£31.35 £42.10
Ex Tax:£31.35
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Trend Guided Corner Bead 4.8mm Rad.
-25 %
Model: C130X1/4TC
Attractive edge moulds. A full corner bead can be produced by making a second pass at 90 degrees...
£34.25 £45.70
Ex Tax:£34.25
Special Clearance
Trend Guided Ovolo 12.7mm Rad x 19.1mm
-25 %
Model: C079X1/4TC
Self-guiding cutters for rounding over edges do not require a side fence. They are supplied with two bearings. Use the larger bearing for a round-over. If the cutter is lowered, a top quirk can be produced. Bullnose mouldings can also be produced by taking a second pass from th..
£33.00 £44.25
Ex Tax:£33.00
Special Clearance
Trend Guided Profiler 12.7x9.5mm
-25 %
Model: C121BX1/4TC
Shank mounted bearing profilers are ideal for template guidance. Use for rebating and trimming edges only. Extra care must be taken to avoid cutter breakage...
£16.60 £22.15
Ex Tax:£16.60
Model: C168X1/4
Used for trimming plastic or plywood overlays. Also for copy profiling with a template...
Ex Tax:£17.40
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