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Routing And Jig's

Charnwood Bench Top Router Table
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Model: W012
Bench top universal router table for use with any 1/4" router. Will Accept Any 1/4" Router MDF Table 2 Hold Down Clamps Horizontal Feather Board Cutter Guard 40mm Diameter Dust Collection Outlet A router table will convert a hand held plunging router into a stationary tool which is safer to use and ..
Ex Tax:£69.00
Model: W026
No Volt Release Switch for Powertools. For Any Powertools Up To 2200w Integral 3 Pin Socket Separate Start and Stop Buttons Cover Acts As Emergency Stop Supplied With 2m Cable and Plug The switch can be mounted to the steel frame of any router table or mounted in any convenient location avoiding the..
Ex Tax:£30.00
Model: KHC
X-Auto Adjust™ technology automatically adjusts to any material thickness and maintains consistent clamping pressure. Heavy duty all-metal construction with comfortable padded grips. Compatible with Kreg Jig®, Kreg Drill Guide Block and Kreg Jig® R3. Capacity: KHC1410: 73mm (2-7/8"); KHC1420: 108mm ..
Ex Tax:£32.15
Model: KBKS
High quality pocket-hole screws for use on a wide variety of exterior projects...
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: 112874
Contains 5 popular self-tapping screws in a durable carry case. 25.5mm (1") fine thread pan head x 150, 25.5mm (1") coarse thread pan head x 150, 31.75mm (1 1/4") fine thread Maxi-Loc® x 150, 31.75mm (1 1/4") coarse thread Maxi-Loc® x 150, 63.5mm (2 1/2") coarse thread Maxi-Loc® (Blue-Kote®) x 7..
Ex Tax:£27.68
Model: 185823
Ideal for repairs or building on the go. Can be secured to the workpiece with any standard bar clamp or c-clamp.Includes 2 independent positioning sliders, 9 individual depth settings and 2 wood chip relief holes. 7/8" drill guide spacings. Clamp pad adaptor and carrying case. 12.5-38mm (1/2" - 1 1/..
Ex Tax:£38.50
Model: KPS/C
Kreg pocket screws washer head with course thread. High quality zinc plated for use on a wide variety of projects. Please select size below...
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: 970706
Switch from drilling pocket-holes to driving pocket screws in seconds. Includes quick change chuck, 152.4mm (6") driver and a 9.525mm (3/8") hex-shank pocket-hole drill bit, including hex wrench and depth collar...
Ex Tax:£32.85
Trend 12 piece 1/4'' Cutter Set
-33 %
Brand: Trend Model: SET/SS8x1/4TC
This twelve piece cutter set contains a range of the most widely used cutters for decorative woodworking. Excellent value for money. Supplied in plastic carry case..
£34.00 £51.10
Ex Tax:£34.00
Trend 15 piece 1/2'' Cutter Set
-30 %
Brand: Trend Model: SET/SS9x1/2TC
Fifteen piece cutter set, containing a range of popular cutters. Supplied in a plastic carry case...
£50.00 £71.80
Ex Tax:£50.00
Trend 35 Piece 1/2'' Router Cutter Set Trend 35 Piece 1/2'' Router Cutter Set
Out of Stock New -34 %
Brand: Trend Model: SET/SS35X1/2TC
This thirty five piece cutter set contains a range of popular Tungsten Carbide Tipped cutters for a variety of applications.1/2- inch shank diameter.For softwood, hardwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF.Excellent value for money.Supplied in aluminium carry case...
£86.00 £129.85
Ex Tax:£86.00
Special Clearance
Trend Aquamac 21 Recesser 46.3mm
-25 %
Model: C207X1/2TC
Recessing cutter will accommodate the Schlegel Aquamac 21 or Exitex Aquatex A10 seal. This cutter is designed for use with the seal in a wiping mode and comes complete with a guide bearing to reduce setting-up time and simplify machining operations...
£47.40 £63.20
Ex Tax:£47.40
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