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Workshop-Tool Care and Accessories

Model: 994057
Sturdy steel rack that can be mounted directly to a wall. Keeps Bench Cookies safely stored for future use. L x W x H: 267 x 88 x 60mm...
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Grease Extra 250g
-67 %
Model: SKU000243
GreaseXtra is a grease made from a high quality gelled mineral oil with the addition of  corrosion inhibitors.  It has a melting point of approx.  200 Deg C.  and is particularly difficult to emulsify.  Typical applications therefore include the lubrication and protection of live steam models.Â..
£5.00 £14.99
Ex Tax:£5.00
Brand: Silverline Model: 379878
150mm (6") magnetic parts dish. Ideal for sitting on your lathe to hold metal parts...
Ex Tax:£2.95
Brand: O'Keefe's Model: OWH96
If you suffer from dry or cracked hands this cream is amazing. It's non greasy and odorless...
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Brand: Record Power Model: RPPSJ
Makes knife setting simple, easy and accurate. The jig fixes to the cutter block magnetically and with the blades loose in the block the dial and gauge control the setting rod which attaches to the blade magnetically and allows you to make precise settings easily. Then you simply lock off the blades..
Ex Tax:£54.99
Brand: Record Power Model: CWA195
Record Power concentrated silicone spray ideal for reducing friction between timber and woodworking machinery. 500ml aerosol...
Ex Tax:£9.99
Brand: Record Power Model: RPSO-100
100ml spindle oil for CL2,3 and 4 lathes...
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Brand: Trend Model: TRENDIWAX
Trend lubricant wax stick ideal for saw blades. Extends sawblade life by keeping blade cool at cutting points. For use when sawing aluminium. Use at regular intervals. Apply directly onto the teeth of a stationary blade...
Ex Tax:£11.75
Brand: Trend Model: Trend RESIN/100
Spray-on resin remover & cutter cleaning liquid. Simply spray on and wipe off. Supplied in pump action dispenser. Ideal for saw blades, router bits, planer blades and drill bits etc. Corrosion inhibiting agent prevents rusting of blades whilst being cleaned. Liquid has dissolving properties that qui..
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