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Brand: Trend Model: Stealth Lite Pro Mask
Lightweight frame with reusable disposable FFP3 R D rated filters.Full 8 hours of use per filter for all day protection99%+ filtration efficiencyCaptures dust as fine as 0.3 microns at 50 litres per minuteSuitable for all woodworking tasks, masonry and demolition work, fibreglass, mixing concrete, m..
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Trend Stealth Half Mask
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Brand: Trend Model: STEALTH
New generation P3R half mask, ergonomically designed with low profile design. 2 x sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large Offers less breathing resistance. Less clogging pressure and inward leakage. Approval P3(R) APF20 x WEL Protects the user against airborne particles, oil aerosol..
£24.00 £27.95
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Brand: Trend Model: STEALTH/1
Pair of P3(R) filters for AIR STEALTH half mask with Twin HEPAC* pleat encapsulated design filter provides 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 micron and above...
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Trend Airshield Pro
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Brand: Trend Model: AIR/PRO
Fully protected powered respirator for use with all woodworking applications. Suitable for use when maching MDF. Approved to a new standard BS EN12941. new features include: Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection. Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce ..
£215.00 £278.00
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Trend Airshield Pro. THP2 Filter Pack (pair)
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Brand: Trend Model: AIR/P/1
Replacement Parts for Trend Airshield PRO. AIR/P/1 AIR/PRO THP2 Filter Pack (pair)..
£23.00 £35.88
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Trend Airshield Pro. Visor Overlay Clear (10 pack)
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Brand: Trend Model: AIR/P/3C
Replacement Parts for Trend Airshield PRO.AIR/P/3C AIR/PRO Visor Overlay Clear (10 pack)..
£22.00 £26.65
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Brand: Trend Model: Air/p/4
8 hour battery for the AIRSHIELD PRO...
Ex Tax:£57.65
Brand: Trend Model: AIR/P/7
Remote cradle, to allow charging of battery out of Airshield Pro. Ideal when using more than one battery...
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Brand: Trend Model: Trend Ace 2
Nuisance Filter.Active charcoal pre-filter which is fitted over P2 filter, for use on odours and smells at below occupational exposure levels only. Ideal for working with animals...
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Brand: Trend Model: Trend Ace 3
Clip On Visor Ace 3.Eye protection to EN166,167,168. (Medium protection against high-speed particles)..
Ex Tax:£21.10
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