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Brand: Charnwood Model: ML28
NEW TYPE WITH SWIVEL HEAD.  LED work light with magnetic base, flexi stem so you can point light where you need it and on/off switch...
Ex Tax:£32.00
Brand: Draper Model: 51758
Highly versatile super bright LED light, can be used for anything from jewellery repair to automotive and workshop work. Delivers an easily adjustable flood light or focused beam producing 130 lumen output, providing ultimate flexibility depending on users requirements. The sturdy clip and strong ma..
Ex Tax:£19.95
Draper LED Inspection Light
-28 %
Brand: Draper Model: 11856
3 watt COB inspection lamp with high and low 2 light settings producing 170 - lumen output and an SMD LED torch on the tip. Charged via a micro USB cable. Manufactured from shock - resistant plastic and fitted with a double pivot enabling the lamp to be folded flat or used at any angle and fitted wi..
£12.99 £17.99
Ex Tax:£12.99
Special Deal
Brand: Record Power Model: 59000
   This powerful work lamp is a perfect addition to any workshop. The long flexible neck allows it to be positioned to illuminate even the most hard-to-reach areas and get rid of troublesome shadows, giving a clear view of the work in progress. To further increase the lamp’s flexibility, a sliding ..
Ex Tax:£29.99
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