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Droplet Wine Stopper Mandrel
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Model: DBSM
Droplet wine stopper mandrel ..
Ex Tax:£6.95
Brand: Charnwood Model: 2MTS
MT2 to MT1 sleeve adaptor...
Ex Tax:£5.00
Brand: Planet Model: CF20
  A robust plastic tool used to mark the centre of work up to approximately 8" (200mm) diameter. May also be used on square section...
Ex Tax:£3.85
Brand: Planet Model: LAT1/2
Lathe alignment tool MT1 or MT2. Used for swivel head lathes, to get the correct alignment, between centres...
Ex Tax:£14.50
Brand: Record Power Model: CWA170
Thread protecter to fit all DML and CL lathes...
Ex Tax:£14.99
Brand: Record Power Model: 16208
Inline emergency stop switch to fit the Coronet Herald...
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Record Power Model: DML305/B&C
Tool rests with 3/4'' stem to fit DML305 and earlier CL lathes.Select rest size..
Ex Tax:£15.99
Brand: Record Power Model: 55502
Thread adapter to go from 1 1/4" x 8 to 1" x 8...
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Record Power Model: 55512
Thread adapter to go from 1 1/4" x 8 to 3/4" x 16...
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Record Power Model: CWA122
M33 female to 1''x8 male adaptor...
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Record Power Model: CWA121
M33 female to 3/4'' x 16 male adaptor..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 649A
 Mini screw chuck to grip in chuck jaws...
Ex Tax:£21.00
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