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Wood Store

Wood Store

Our woodstore contains a vast range of British and Exotic turning & carving timbers. It is well worth a visit.

Mail orders can be taken, please contact us for a carriage quote.

We have an on site sawmill where we prepare the timber for our woodstore.

We also have a large selection of Lime carving blanks and  Elm seat bottoms. 

Pen blanks are available in British and Exotic timbers.

 We stock wood boards/planks and wood suitable for mantle pieces.

Click here for our wood blank price list. 


British Timbers

British timbers we stock, subject to availability.

•Ash  •Beech  •Boxwood   •Cherry   •Horse Chestnut (Conker)  •Laburnum

  •Lime  •Maple  •Oak   •Redwood  •Rippled Sycamore  •Spalted Beech  •Sycamore  •Walnut  •Yew


Exotic Timbers

 •Banksia Nuts   •Blackwood  •Bocote  •Bubinga  •Cocobolo  •Goncalo Alves  • Ebony 

•Mopane  •Padauk  •Palmwood  •Pink Ivory  •Purple Heart   •Rosewood   •Satin Wood  •Tambootie  •Wild Olive •Zebrano

Plus many more

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