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Arbortech Power Chisel Arbortech Power Chisel
-12 %
Model: 106642
The Arbortech Power Chisel is a freehand power-carving tool that enables you to carry out detailed carving and controlled chiselling as well as rapid waste removal. Built around the dedicated Arbortech grinder motor, it does everything a traditional mallet and chisel will do, only easier and faster...
£249.00 £281.98
Ex Tax:£249.00
Chestnut Buffing Kit
-20 %
Brand: Chestnut Model: CBK3
Available now, Buffing Kit. comes complete with three cloth wheels for smoothing and polishing, compounds and wax, plus a large mandrel (fits most lathe chucks) for holding the wheel and a smaller mandrel...
£56.00 £69.84
Ex Tax:£56.00
Chestnut Buffing Tree
-11 %
Brand: Chestnut Model: CBT1
The Buffing tree comprises of three 6 inch wheels, in the A, B and C cloth grades, firmly held on a central spindle. It’s ideal for buffing small items and, after loading the wheels with the compounds and wax, allows you to move from one wheel to the next in quick succession, dramatically reducing t..
£45.00 £50.40
Ex Tax:£45.00
Model: SPR406
The all new Elipse Integra features integrated safety goggle and respirator in one complete unit. When fitted correctly, the goggle cannot steam. K and N anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings as standard. Ready to use with filters already applied. • Approved to European Standard EN140: 1998. APF : 2..
Ex Tax:£55.00
Grease Extra 250g
-67 %
Model: SKU000243
GreaseXtra is a grease made from a high quality gelled mineral oil with the addition of  corrosion inhibitors.  It has a melting point of approx.  200 Deg C.  and is particularly difficult to emulsify.  Typical applications therefore include the lubrication and protection of live steam models.Â..
£5.00 £14.99
Ex Tax:£5.00
Proxxon Precision Drill Grinder FBS240/E Proxxon Precision Drill Grinder FBS240/E
-10 %
Brand: Proxxon Model: 28472
1001 uses for every conceivable operation: milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, brushing, cleaning, de-rusting, sawing, carving, engraving etc. The maximum speed of 20,000rpm is continuously variable down to 5,000rpm. The full wave electronic speed control results in virtually constant torque, ev..
£65.50 £72.98
Ex Tax:£65.50
Special Deal
Brand: Record Power Model: 59000
   This powerful work lamp is a perfect addition to any workshop. The long flexible neck allows it to be positioned to illuminate even the most hard-to-reach areas and get rid of troublesome shadows, giving a clear view of the work in progress. To further increase the lamp’s flexibility, a sliding ..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Robert Sorby ProEdge Basic
-20 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PE01A
The Robert Sorby Proedge basic system includes: 1 x 120 grit Aluminium Oxide Belt (PE120A), 1 x 60 grit Zirconium belt (PE60Z) Special Offer, Limited Period. ProEdge - The Ultimate Sharpening System The ProEdge by Robert Sorby represents the ultimate system for sharpening your woodworking tools. Its..
£319.00 £397.40
Ex Tax:£319.00
Robert Sorby ProEdge Deluxe
-20 %
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PED01A
FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY (UK MAINLAND ONLY carriage terms apply)The Robert Sorby Proedge plus system includes: 1 x 120 grit Aluminium Oxide Belt (PE120A), 1 x240 grit Aluminium Oxide Belt (PE240A),1 x 60 grit Zirconium belt (PE60Z), 1 x Skew Jig (PESKEW), 1x Standard Gouge Jig (PEVB), 1 x..
£394.99 £493.15
Ex Tax:£394.99
Simon Hope  Hope For Us All Vol.2
-51 %
Model: SKU000234
Hope for us all volume two. Jarrah burr hollow form with a pewter finial. Running time 1 hour 40 minutes...
£8.00 £16.30
Ex Tax:£8.00
Terry Scott Manta Ray
-61 %
Model: TSDVD1
Manta Ray DVD Antipodean adventures in woodturning. Running time 3 hours 30 minutes...
£8.00 £20.50
Ex Tax:£8.00
Trend 35 Piece 1/2'' Router Cutter Set Trend 35 Piece 1/2'' Router Cutter Set
New -30 %
Brand: Trend Model: SET/SS35X1/2TC
This thirty five piece cutter set contains a range of popular Tungsten Carbide Tipped cutters for a variety of applications.1/2- inch shank diameter.For softwood, hardwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF.Excellent value for money.Supplied in aluminium carry case...
£86.00 £123.67
Ex Tax:£86.00
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