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Model: 106642
The Arbortech Power Chisel is a freehand power-carving tool that enables you to carry out detailed carving and controlled chiselling as well as rapid waste removal. Built around the dedicated Arbortech grinder motor, it does everything a traditional mallet and chisel will do, only easier and faster...
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Buff-It Dark Blue Buff-It Dark Blue
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Model: TBUF143
Buff-it glossy craft polish can be applied to almost any dry dust free absorbent surface like polystyrene,cardboard, paper and wood. To use load a small quantity onto a dry sponge or soft cloth and polish with a gentle buffing action until the object has glossy finish. As used and demonstrated by Da..
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Brand: Chesnut Model: CBK3
Available now, Buffing Kit. comes complete with three cloth wheels for smoothing and polishing, compounds and wax, plus a large mandrel (fits most lathe chucks) for holding the wheel and a smaller mandrel...
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Brand: Chesnut Model: CBT1
The Buffing tree comprises of three 6 inch wheels, in the A, B and C cloth grades, firmly held on a central spindle. It’s ideal for buffing small items and, after loading the wheels with the compounds and wax, allows you to move from one wheel to the next in quick succession, dramatically reducing t..
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Brand: Draper Model: 51758
Highly versatile super bright LED light, can be used for anything from jewellery repair to automotive and workshop work. Delivers an easily adjustable flood light or focused beam producing 130 lumen output, providing ultimate flexibility depending on users requirements. The sturdy clip and strong ma..
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The all new Elipse Integra features integrated safety goggle and respirator in one complete unit. When fitted correctly, the goggle cannot steam. K and N anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings as standard. Ready to use with filters already applied. • Approved to European Standard EN140: 1998. APF : 2..
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Model: SKU000243
GreaseXtra is a grease made from a high quality gelled mineral oil with the addition of  corrosion inhibitors.  It has a melting point of approx.  200 Deg C.  and is particularly difficult to emulsify.  Typical applications therefore include the lubrication and protection of live steam models.Â..
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Model: JSAPS250
All Purpose Sealer is a pure acrylic medium with remarkable adhesive powers. It is a durable and versatile surface sealer that can be used to seal most surfaces in preparation for painting. Included are wood, tin and other metals, glass, unglazed bisque, terracotta, cards, paper and fibreboard. Mix ..
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Model: JSDC250
Jo Sonja's Decor Crackle is a sandwich crackle medium for application between layers of paint. The top colour separtes to reveal base colour giving the appearance of aged paint...
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Model: JSTP325
Texture Paste may be used to create texture before or during painting and may be mixed directly into palette colors or used alone. Ideal for various special effects, it remains flexible when dry...
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 718300
Perfect for texturing your woodturning For steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, wood and plastic Supplied with grinding disc, fan sander and cutting disc in neat plastic case Quiet and long lasting DC motor Supplied with 2 Arbortech mini blades..
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Brand: Proxxon Model: 718253
The Proxxon MOS carver features a low noise 50W DC motor with extremely high life expectancy, the gear head is made of die-cast aluminium and the main housing, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide. It is excellent for the carving of all types of wood and plaster. Very popular for woodcarving, antique re..
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