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Abranet Single Grit 50 Strips
-22 %
Brand: Mirka Model: AB50/S
Mirka Abranet abrasive sheets 70 x 125mm. Abranet is a revolutionary new sanding material for dust free-sanding. This unique sanding material contains thousands of small holes, making it possible to effectively vacuum dust and other particles away with-out clogging the surface. The result is se..
£14.50 £18.50
Ex Tax:£14.50
Special Clearance
Alternative Ebony 50mm x 100mm Alternative Ebony 50mm x 100mm
-16 %
Model: 7025
Alternative Ebony 50mm x 100mm..
£8.00 £9.50
Ex Tax:£8.00
Special Clearance
Alternative Horn 50mm x 100mm Alternative Horn 50mm x 100mm
-16 %
Model: 7002
The picture shows a pennant turned with alternative horn 50mm x 100mm. Necklace cord and keyring fittings under gift and project...
£8.00 £9.50
Ex Tax:£8.00
Special Clearance
Alternative Tortoiseshell 50mm Alternative Tortoiseshell 50mm
-16 %
Model: 7004
The picture shows a pennant made with alternative Tortoiseshell. Size 50mm x 100mm round bar...
£8.00 £9.50
Ex Tax:£8.00
Arbortech Mini Turbo Kit
-20 %
Model: 105028
The Arbortech Mini TURBOâ„¢ kit is a revolution in wood sculpting. This unique tool is designed to fit the Arbortech Mini Carverâ„¢ and most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders using the supplied extension adaptor. The blade is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with two tungsten carbid..
£92.00 £114.98
Ex Tax:£92.00
Arbortech Mini-Carver Power Tool Package
Out of Stock -12 %
Model: 105386
Arbortech Fully Assembled Mini-Carver Power Tool   Smaller version of famous Arbortech Pro blade Reaches into areas where standard Arbortech will not 150mm long arm allows work to be carried out in confined spaces Comes with arm, two blades and mini sanding kit Re-sharpenable blades..
£249.00 £281.98
Ex Tax:£249.00
Arbortech Power Chisel Arbortech Power Chisel
-12 %
Model: 106642
The Arbortech Power Chisel is a freehand power-carving tool that enables you to carry out detailed carving and controlled chiselling as well as rapid waste removal. Built around the dedicated Arbortech grinder motor, it does everything a traditional mallet and chisel will do, only easier and faster...
£249.00 £281.98
Ex Tax:£249.00
Special Clearance
Bandsaw Blade 1490mm
-50 %
Model: BB1490
Bandsaw Blade 1490mm.Please select width and tpi . Fits Scheppach Basa 1..
£4.49 £8.99
Ex Tax:£4.49
Special Clearance
Bandsaw Blade 1714mm (67 1/2'')
-50 %
Model: BB1714
67 1/2'' bandsaw blade. Please select width and teeth...
£5.99 £11.99
Ex Tax:£5.99
Special Clearance
Bandsaw Blade 2240mm (88'')
-50 %
Model: BB88
Bandsaw blade 88'' (2240mm).Select required width and tpi..
£6.30 £12.69
Ex Tax:£6.30
Special Clearance
Bandsaw Blade 2360 (93'')
-48 %
Model: BB93
Bandsaw blade 93'' to fit Scheppach Basato 3. Select required width and tpi...
£6.60 £12.69
Ex Tax:£6.60
Biscuits No. 10 per 100
-58 %
Model: SKU000232
Pack of 100 no.10 biscuits...
£3.00 £7.10
Ex Tax:£3.00
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