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Water-Oil Stones

Model: 534906
The Round Edge Slip Stones are traditionally used for sharpening carving tools but are useful for many other sharpening needs when you need a round edge. Made of natural stones quarried in Arkansas. MADE IN USA..
Ex Tax:£32.78
Model: 534801
Highly recommended for use with Arkansas sharpening stone, Stubai honing oil will prolong the life of your stones and also produce a finer finish on your sharpened tools...
Ex Tax:£11.00
Model: NAN011/12/13
The Naniwa Economical range of Waterstones are a good single grit sharpening stone at a great price. Your getting a genuine quality Japanese made Naniwa product with a price tag of an economy stone.Like traditional Japanese Waterstones these require soaking prior to use and will cut very quickly...
Ex Tax:£26.00
Model: 2HS09/10
Manufactured by Suehiro in Japan these top notch carvers stones feature multiple profiles for the sharpening of small carving tools, the side flats and the reverse can also be used to sharpen flat tools. ..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Model: 2HS-1/2
The newly upgraded taper gouge stones from Suehiro of Japan now feature Dual-Stone technology, this means that they can be used either as a traditional Waterstone or a western style oil stone.PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE OIL HAS BEEN APPLIED THE STONE CANNOT REVERT BACK TO BE USED WITH WATER.Manufactured f..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Model: GT-1
The Suehiro sharpening tray is designed to provide a non slip, level and stable sharpening platform. The tough plastic tray features anti slip silicone structures on the underside and also on the surface to hold the rubberised stone blocks steady whilst you sharpen and any slurry produced during th..
Ex Tax:£26.00
Model: 900265
100mm(4") long 50mm(2") wide. 1 edge 6mm(1/4") radius, 1 edge 3mm(1/8") radius...
Ex Tax:£26.65
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