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Tormek Jigs And Kits

Tormek  Short Tool Jig
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SVS-38
For straight shanked tools down to 45 mm (1 3/4") length. Also for power carvers. Max. tool width 32 mm (1 1/4")...
£15.75 £20.98
Ex Tax:£15.75
Brand: Tormek Model: HTK806
With this kit you are ready to give your common hand tools a whole new edge. The two knife jigs will handle most knives including chef's knives, filleting knives and hobby knives. The scissors jig can be used for general sized paper scissors as well as your heavy garden shears. With the axe jig you ..
£179.99 £189.98
Ex Tax:£179.99
Tormek Long Knife Jig
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SVM-140
For long and thin knives, e.g. filleting knives. Min length of blade 160 mm (6 ?")...
£33.70 £44.98
Ex Tax:£33.70
Tormek Scissors Jig
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SVX-150
For scissors and shears. Also for portable electric hand planer blades...
£35.25 £46.98
Ex Tax:£35.25
Tormek SVP-80 Profile Knife Jig
-29 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SVP-80
Sharpens profiled spindle moulder knives. The knife is held securely in position with a magnet and guide pins which match the safety pin holes in the knife. The jig can be used to sharpen all makes and shapes of moulding knives with 24/30/38mm between centres up to a maximum width of 100mm. ..
£112.50 £157.98
Ex Tax:£112.50
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