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Tormek Diamond Stone Truing Tool
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: TT-50
With this unique tool, TORMEK TT-50, you can true and dress your grindstone exactly round and flat. It mounts and locks instantly on the TORMEK Universal Support. The tool is guided by the Universal Support, which also guides the jigs. This ensures that the stone surface is always parallel to the to..
£52.50 £69.98
Ex Tax:£52.50
Tormek Honing Compound
-15 %
Brand: Tormek Model: PA-70
 For application on the leather honing wheels. Polishes the edge to a mirror finish. Impregnate the leather with light machine oil before the first use...
£6.79 £7.98
Ex Tax:£6.79
Tormek Horizontal Base
-22 %
Brand: Tormek Model: XB-100
An extra Universal Support permits a convenient mounting in both the vertical and the horizontal position. Also for upgrading earlier models...
£18.75 £23.98
Ex Tax:£18.75
Tormek Machine Cover
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: MH-380
For protecting the machine from wood dust!..
£15.80 £20.98
Ex Tax:£15.80
Tormek Pro Anglemaster
-23 %
Brand: Tormek Model: WM-200
The WM-200 gives angle setting with pin point accuracy from 15° to 75° on grindstones of 6" to 10" in diameter, thus taking into account wear after years of use. The WM-200 is also provided with angle checking notches around its edge to enable bevel angles to be repeated or progress checked. (Supp..
£17.00 £21.98
Ex Tax:£17.00
Tormek Profiled Leather Honing Wheel
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: LA-120
Tormek have developed a new profiled leather honing wheel, LA-120 with special benefits. The leather discs are exchangeable so you can easily replace a disc with a worn tip. Discs with alternative, narrower profiles are also available as an optional extra...
£36.70 £48.98
Ex Tax:£36.70
Tormek Rotating Base Tormek Rotating Base
-25 %
Model: RB-180
Some tools require the stone running towards the edge others need the stone running away. Tormek machines are solid and relatively heavy, which is an advantage when sharpening. The new base offers an easy way to rotate your machine 180° to select the ideal sharpening direction. It also makes it sim..
£33.70 £44.98
Ex Tax:£33.70
Tormek Stone Grader
-19 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SP-650
The grindstone has a 220 Grit. It can be adjusted with the Stone Grader to give a finer finish corresponding to 1000 Grit. Using the coarse side, the stone is reversed to normal fast grinding and also renews a glazed stone...
£19.35 £23.98
Ex Tax:£19.35
Tormek Tool Setter
-25 %
Brand: Tormek Model: TTS-100
Exact replication on woodturning fingernail gouges and oval skews Fingernail gouges and skews with a curved edge are difficult to sharpen with precision due to the complicated geometries. Both the shape and edge angle must be repeated exactly. This latest development from TORMEK, the Turning Tool Se..
£17.20 £22.98
Ex Tax:£17.20
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