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Tormek Jigs and Accessories

Tormek Stone Grader
-46 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SP-650
The grindstone has a 220 Grit. It can be adjusted with the Stone Grader to give a finer finish corresponding to 1000 Grit. Using the coarse side, the stone is reversed to normal fast grinding and also renews a glazed stone...
£14.50 £26.98
Ex Tax:£14.50
Tormek Scissor Jig
New -45 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SVX-150
Tormek scissor jig. Fits most copied machines as well as Tormek..
£29.00 £52.38
Ex Tax:£29.00
Tormek SVP-80 Profile Knife Jig
-55 %
Brand: Tormek Model: SVP-80
Sharpens profiled spindle moulder knives. The knife is held securely in position with a magnet and guide pins which match the safety pin holes in the knife. The jig can be used to sharpen all makes and shapes of moulding knives with 24/30/38mm between centres up to a maximum width of 100mm. ..
£79.00 £176.98
Ex Tax:£79.00
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