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Robert Sorby Sharpening Systems

Deluxe Universal Sharpening System
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 447
The Deluxe system changes from Fingernaill Profiler to platform use in seconds. Incorporates Fingernail Profiler, Profiler arm removable for ease of use. Includes angle finder jig. Fully adjustable for bevel angle & side grind. Large stable sharpening platform. Image shows 447 Deluxe Universal Sharp..
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 475
Ultra fine Honing Compound (150g). Can be used with both ProEdge Systems and the Sharpening/Honing Kit...
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 447JAT
  A slotted table to fit onto the 447 to take a range of sharpening jigs. Image shows Jig Adapter Table and 447 Deluxe Universal Sharpening System. JIGS AVAILIBLE IN PROEDGE CATEGORIE...
Ex Tax:£25.00
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PESKEW
Skew Jig. Image shows Skew Jig in use with 447jat Jig Table Adapter...
Ex Tax:£15.65
Jig Gouge
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PEVB
Standard Gouge Jig..
Ex Tax:£33.30
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PESQ
Ideal for sharpening chisels 90 degree to whell or belt. i.e. scrapers and plane blades...
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PELGJ
Used on the Robert Sorby sharpening systems allows for three different types of profile to be produced on bowl and spindle gouges. It will produce a fingernail profile, a long grind and an extra long grind depending on which location hole the profile arm is used. It fits onto the bar in replacement ..
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PROSET
Robert Sorby Proset is used to Achieve the exact bevel angle on any fingernail or long grind gouge has never been easier.By placing the gouge into the clamp of the profile arm and then extending the gouge up-to the required stop and locking it into place will allow for precise and repeatable bevel a..
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 472
Tip holder is used to hold cutters, so you can sharpen them without catching your fingers on the belt or grinding wheel...
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: SOV-ULTCSJ
Manufactured from phosphor bronze the jig rotates freely within its sleeve and enables the turner to sharpen either with a diamond hone, bench grinder or ProEdge. The jig will also accommodate other full round cutters...
Ex Tax:£18.60
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