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Record Power Sharpening

Brand: Record Power Model: RSBG8 (71550)
The Record Power RSBG8 Bench Grinder has a long-established reputation for robustness and reliability, making it the perfect choice for the home workshop. This new and upgraded machine has an industrial-inspired design with a heavy-duty motor and offers improved power, stability and performance. ..
£109.99 £119.99
Ex Tax:£109.99
Brand: Record Power Model: 33200
The Record Power WG200 sharpening system offers fantastic performance and versatility in a compact and easy to use machine. Included with the machine are a range of essential tools and jigs, not only making this package fantastic value for money but also allowing accurate sharpening straight from th..
£159.00 £169.99
Ex Tax:£159.00
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250-WP
Woodturner's Sharpening Package This package contains all the sharpening jigs needed for woodturning tools and offers excellent value for money. Contains: WG250/A Gouge Jig WG250/B Short Tool Jig WG250/I Tool Rest Jig WG250/N Profiled Leather Honing Wheel..
Ex Tax:£65.99
Record WG250/B Short Tool Jig
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/B
Short Tool Jig Use to sharpen: • Carving tools • Turning gouges • V-tools..
£12.35 £16.49
Ex Tax:£12.35
Record WG250/C Straight Edge Jig
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/C
Use to sharpen:• Bevel edge chisels• Plane irons• Skew chisels..
£23.00 £30.79
Ex Tax:£23.00
Record WG250/D Plane Chamber Jig
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/D
Plane Camber Jig Use to sharpen: Camber planer blades up to 3” wide..
£37.90 £50.59
Ex Tax:£37.90
Record WG250/G Short Knife jig
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/G
Short Knife Jig Use to sharpen: • Knives up to 4” in length • Pocket knives • Small cutlery knives..
£20.60 £27.49
Ex Tax:£20.60
Record WG250/K Diamond Truing Tool
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/K
Trues the stone wheel exactly round and flat...
£49.45 £65.99
Ex Tax:£49.45
Record WG250/O Support Arm Extension Kit
Out of Stock -25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/O
Allows grinding and honing without repositioning the support arm and gives better access to the leather honing wheel and optional secondary strop...
£16.49 £21.99
Ex Tax:£16.49
Record WG250/Q Machine Cover
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/Q
Protective Machine Cover Protective cover for the WG250 Wet Stone Sharpener..
£15.65 £20.89
Ex Tax:£15.65
Record WG250/R Stone Grader
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/R
For use with the WG250 Wet Stone Sharpener to dress the stone for either coarse grinding or fine sharpening...
£15.65 £20.89
Ex Tax:£15.65
Record WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge
-25 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/T
Used to set the correct angle of application to the stone to sharpen tools...
£12.35 £16.49
Ex Tax:£12.35
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