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Record Power Sharpening

Brand: Record Power Model: RSBG8 (71550)
The Record Power RSBG8 Bench Grinder has a long-established reputation for robustness and reliability, making it the perfect choice for the home workshop. This new and upgraded machine has an industrial-inspired design with a heavy-duty motor and offers improved power, stability and performance. ..
£109.99 £119.99
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Brand: Record Power Model: 33200
The Record Power WG200 sharpening system offers fantastic performance and versatility in a compact and easy to use machine. Included with the machine are a range of essential tools and jigs, not only making this package fantastic value for money but also allowing accurate sharpening straight from th..
£159.99 £169.99
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Record WG250-PK/A 10" Wet Stone Sharpening System Package
-16 %
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250
FREE SHIPPINGA wet stone sharpening system with a range of high quality jigs and accessories is essential for many woodworkers and is also an extremely useful tool for general household tasks, such as the sharpening of knives, gardening tools and many other items. The WG250 is the result of research..
£209.00 £249.99
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Brand: Record Power Model: WG250-WP
Woodturner's Sharpening Package This package contains all the sharpening jigs needed for woodturning tools and offers excellent value for money. Contains: WG250/A Gouge Jig WG250/B Short Tool Jig WG250/I Tool Rest Jig WG250/N Profiled Leather Honing Wheel..
Ex Tax:£65.99
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/A
Gouge Jig Use to sharpen: • Bowl gouges • Spindle gouges • V-tools • Fingernail profile tools..
Ex Tax:£30.79
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/B
Short Tool Jig Use to sharpen: • Carving tools • Turning gouges • V-tools..
Ex Tax:£16.49
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/C
Use to sharpen:• Bevel edge chisels• Plane irons• Skew chisels..
Ex Tax:£30.79
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/D
Plane Camber Jig Use to sharpen: Camber planer blades up to 3” wide..
Ex Tax:£50.59
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/E
Scissor Jig Use to sharpen scissors...
Ex Tax:£32.99
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/F
Side Wheel Sharpening Jig Use to sharpen scrapers...
Ex Tax:£16.49
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/G
Short Knife Jig Use to sharpen: • Knives up to 4” in length • Pocket knives • Small cutlery knives..
Ex Tax:£27.49
Brand: Record Power Model: WG250/H
Long Knife Jig Use to sharpen: • Knives over 4” in length • Large knives • Large cutlery knives • Draw knives..
Ex Tax:£31.89
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