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Brand: DMT Model: 410123/4
Forget gold cards or platinum cards, get yourself a diamond card. A credit card sized (80 x 50mm) steel plate coated on one side with a continuous diamond surface, keep one in your wallet for sharpening knives and tools. Available in a choice of two grades:  Fine 600 grit = 25 micron and ..
Ex Tax:£15.75
Brand: DMT Model: 4110119-21
DMT Mini-Hones have 63.5 x 19mm of continuous diamond hone permanently bonded to a comfortable, colour coded handle for easy identification. The Mini-Hones have a protruding tip just 0.85mm thick for getting into tight corners. These are amongst the handiest sharpening tools money can buy, with hund..
Ex Tax:£10.75
Model: DWS/CS/FF
A precision double-sided credit card size diamond stone. Double sided combination of two grade of fine grit. Designed for carvers and precision honing of keenest edge. Fine 1000 grit (15 micron) and 600 grit (25 micron). Plate thickness 1.6mm for extra stability. Continuous diamond. Complete with st..
Ex Tax:£27.90
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