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Model: 534906
The Round Edge Slip Stones are traditionally used for sharpening carving tools but are useful for many other sharpening needs when you need a round edge. Made of natural stones quarried in Arkansas. MADE IN USA..
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Model: 534801
Highly recommended for use with Arkansas sharpening stone, Stubai honing oil will prolong the life of your stones and also produce a finer finish on your sharpened tools...
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Brand: Charnwood Model: BGS
Universal floor stand for use with any bench grinder. The cast iron base adds the weight to give good stability. There are holes for anyone wishing to secure it to the the workshop floor. The body is a rigid steel frame with a welded mounting plate which does not flex or vibrate during use. The u..
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Deluxe Universal Sharpening System
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 447
The Deluxe system changes from Fingernaill Profiler to platform use in seconds. Incorporates Fingernail Profiler, Profiler arm removable for ease of use. Includes angle finder jig. Fully adjustable for bevel angle & side grind. Large stable sharpening platform. Image shows 447 Deluxe Universal Sharp..
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Model: 263215
Diamond wheel dresser to keep your grinding wheels in top condition...
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Brand: DMT Model: 410123/4
Forget gold cards or platinum cards, get yourself a diamond card. A credit card sized (80 x 50mm) steel plate coated on one side with a continuous diamond surface, keep one in your wallet for sharpening knives and tools. Available in a choice of two grades:  Fine 600 grit = 25 micron and ..
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Brand: DMT Model: 4110119-21
DMT Mini-Hones have 63.5 x 19mm of continuous diamond hone permanently bonded to a comfortable, colour coded handle for easy identification. The Mini-Hones have a protruding tip just 0.85mm thick for getting into tight corners. These are amongst the handiest sharpening tools money can buy, with hund..
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 475
Ultra fine Honing Compound (150g). Can be used with both ProEdge Systems and the Sharpening/Honing Kit...
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 447JAT
  A slotted table to fit onto the 447 to take a range of sharpening jigs. Image shows Jig Adapter Table and 447 Deluxe Universal Sharpening System. JIGS AVAILIBLE IN PROEDGE CATEGORIE...
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Model: NAN011/12/13
The Naniwa Economical range of Waterstones are a good single grit sharpening stone at a great price. Your getting a genuine quality Japanese made Naniwa product with a price tag of an economy stone.Like traditional Japanese Waterstones these require soaking prior to use and will cut very quickly...
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Brand: Record Power Model: SDS1
The dressing stick is used to dress grinding wheels, to keep them in peak condition. Size 25 x 25 x 150mm..
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Record Grinder Cleaning Stick
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Brand: Record Power Model: SDS2
White cleaning stick for grinder wheels...
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