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Record Envoy Woodlathe

Record Envoy Woodlathe
Record Envoy Woodlathe
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Record Envoy Woodlathe
Record Envoy Woodlathe
Record Envoy Woodlathe
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Rotating and Sliding Headstock

Unlike many cast bed lathes, the headstock of the Envoy can be rotated 360º, optimising access and also making it ideal for left-handed turners. A bearing system beneath the headstock allows it to be locked at 90º to the lathe bed and it can also be moved along the bed if required.

Repositionable Control Panel

The control panel of the Envoy can be placed anywhere on the lathe and is secured from the rear with a strong magnet. Ideal for when turning large timbers which can limit access to the headstock-mounted fixed control panels found on many lathes.

Self-Ejecting Tailstock

The self-ejecting tailstock allows for accessories to be easily and quickly removed without the need for a knockout bar. It accepts 2 Morse taper accessories, providing excellent strength and solidity.

3-Step Pulley

A 3-step pulley is provided for maximum versatility. For most turning the middle pulley is ideal and provides good torque but if you need maximum torque for heavy cuts or low speed work, then the bottom pulley has immense torque capability and the top pulley gives access to the highest speeds. For ease of use the drive belt position can be seen through the inspection window of the headstock.

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