Super Nova 2 Package

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Package comprises the SuperNOVA2 main body, a set of 50mm jaws, a Woodworm screw, a chuck key and two hex key wrenches for the fixing screws, with an additional 50mm faceplate ring and a NOVA universal chuck spanner.

This 100mm diameter, high tensile steel, nickel-plated, self-centring chuck is the ideal chuck for the ambitious woodturner. It has an excellent safety feature in the Auto-Stop, which prevents the jaws protruding from the body of the chuck. The rear of the chuck features a Duracon composite backing plate with 24-division indexing. The plate also keeps dust and debris away from the chuck’s mechanism.

The 50mm jaw set has both external and internal dovetail profiles. It offers a rock solid grip inside a recess for gripping a spigot or the foot of a bowl. It will also grip square timber equally effectively. The NOVA Woodworm screw is a useful accessory for the initial turning of the back of a bowl blank. Mounting the blank only requires a 25mm deep, 8mm hole drilled in the centre of the blank. The faceplate allows you to turn a complete project from beginning to end on the SuperNOVA2. The universal chuck spanner fits all NOVA chucks and helps when removing the chuck from your lathe.