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Pen Finishing Products

Brand: Chesnut Model: BC500
High quality liquid preparation for reviving and burnishing polishes and lacquers...
Ex Tax:£13.20
Brand: Chesnut Model: CMWS1
Microcrystalline wax stick, hard wearing and water repellent...
Ex Tax:£5.10
Brand: Chesnut Model: MW225
Microcrystalline Wax knits down to form a very dense coating which makes it very hard wearing and highly water repellent, ideal for situations needing a tough coating that might get wet. These waxes also have a higher melting point than traditional waxes. Also ideal for items subject to alot of hand..
Ex Tax:£11.40
Foam Backed Sanding Pads
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Model: PENSP
Includes the following grit sizes: 1500 - Rust1800 - Green2400 - Black3200 - Tan3600 - Wine/Brown4000 - Teal6000 - Purple8000 - Royal Blue12000 - Grey Suitable for wood and acrylic blanks ...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Model: CAUK
CA adhesives are high quality and specification products developed to bond a wide range of materials and available in a range of viscosities to suit specific purposes...
Ex Tax:£3.15
Brand: Gorilla Glue Model: Gor60
This is the all purpose, interior/exterior glue ideal for most repair and bonding needs. It's great for indoor/outdoor furniture repair, woodworking projects, as well as general repairs around the house. Its the toughest stuff there is. Glues wood, stone, ceramics & metals. 3 year shelf life & once ..
Ex Tax:£5.00
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