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Chestnut Burnishing Cream 500ml
Out of Stock -12 %
Brand: Chestnut Model: BC500
High quality liquid preparation for reviving and burnishing polishes and lacquers...
£13.20 £15.00
Ex Tax:£13.20
Brand: Chestnut Model: CMWS1
Microcrystalline wax stick, hard wearing and water repellent...
Ex Tax:£5.50
Brand: Chestnut Model: MW225
Microcrystalline Wax knits down to form a very dense coating which makes it very hard wearing and highly water repellent, ideal for situations needing a tough coating that might get wet. These waxes also have a higher melting point than traditional waxes. Also ideal for items subject to alot of hand..
Ex Tax:£12.25
Model: PENSP
Includes the following grit sizes: 1500 - Rust1800 - Green2400 - Black3200 - Tan3600 - Wine/Brown4000 - Teal6000 - Purple8000 - Royal Blue12000 - Grey Suitable for wood and acrylic blanks ...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: Chestnut Model: CAUK
Chestnut CA adhesives are high quality and specification products developed to bond a wide range of materials and available in a range of viscosities to suit specific purposes...
Ex Tax:£4.55
Hampshire Sheen Pen Turners Overcoat Stick
Out of Stock
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSPT31
A 100% microcrystalline stick for pen turners who enjoy the benefits of this special wax on their turned pens, be them wood or otherwise. It applies over any finish the turner favours to give a fingerprint resistant, glossy shine. Ron Caddy, the well known pen turner uses this prod..
Ex Tax:£5.00
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