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Pen Bush Kits

Bush Set for Bolt action, Mini Bolt Action, and Lock n Load Bullet Pens. Other Accessories required Uses 3/8" Drill Bit PBD38..
Ex Tax:£5.15
Model: BUSH26
Bush Kit for Cartridge Bullet Pen..
Ex Tax:£4.75
Brand: Charnwood Model: PENSBUSH
Bush for making the Sierra pen and pencil kits..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Bush Set for Cigar Pens & Pencils. Other Accessories required Uses 10mm Drill Bit ..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Model: 310381
Bush kit to suit a European pen kit...
Ex Tax:£2.30
Model: 310383
Bush kit to suit the Ladies Retro pen kit...
Ex Tax:£5.75
Model: 502726
The use of a pen mandrel with the correct bushing set makes penmaking and turning project kits an easy process. Simply use the bushings on the mandrel as a reference to turn your blanks down to the correct diameter...
Ex Tax:£2.50
Rotur bush kit for the Rotur Fountain pen and the Roller ball pen kit...
Ex Tax:£5.40
Model: PM4C
Set of 4 cone bushes. These are replacements for the kits...
Ex Tax:£4.35
Rotur Standard Spacer Set (3)
Out of Stock
Model: PM3S
Replacement bush set for rotur mandrels...
Ex Tax:£6.60
Bush Set for Shock Absorber Pens. Other Accessories required Uses 27/64" Drill Bit..
Ex Tax:£3.00
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