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Lamp Kits And Tea Light Holders

Model: BLN1
Brass nipple, screws into wood and mounts lamp baynot...
Ex Tax:£0.50
Model: SKU000259
Brass light fitting with switch. These fittings must be earthed...
Ex Tax:£4.35
Model: SKU000260
Brass light fitting mounting plate...
Ex Tax:£1.40
Candle Cups Brassed (4)
Out of Stock
Model: 300260
Pack of 4. Brassed candle cups . To take a 30mm candle, 19mm deep..
Ex Tax:£5.65
Model: 502991
These hand blown oil burner sets will look great on any mantlepiece, dining table or patio. Four lamps are included in the set with many options for display. You could sell them as a set of four, as a pair or even individual units. Make you own exciting creations using timber or other materials. App..
Ex Tax:£8.95
Model: LFG1
Gold coloured 3 core electric cable suitable for table lamps...
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: BLK1
Kit includes 2 metre of 3 core gold flex, 3 pin plug, brass bayonet bulb holder, brass mount plate for holder with cover cable clamp...
Ex Tax:£9.30
Model: MTH
Tea light holders, there is a choice of 3 metals, brass,copper and polished steel or glass. The metal cup's require a hole approx. 42mm diameter x 17mm deep...
Ex Tax:£1.25
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