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Lamp Kits And Tea Light Holders

Model: BLN1
Brass nipple, screws into wood and mounts lamp baynot...
Ex Tax:£0.50
Model: SKU000259
Brass light fitting with switch. These fittings must be earthed...
Ex Tax:£4.35
Model: SKU000260
Brass light fitting mounting plate...
Ex Tax:£1.40
Model: CAN
Pack of 4. Brassed candle cups . To take a 30mm candle, 19mm deep..
Ex Tax:£6.30
Model: BLK1
Kit includes 2 metre of 3 core gold flex, 3 pin plug, brass bayonet bulb holder, brass mount plate for holder with cover cable clamp...
Ex Tax:£9.30
Model: MTH
Tea light holders, there is a choice of 3 metals, brass,copper and polished steel or glass. The metal cup's require a hole approx. 42mm diameter x 17mm deep...
Ex Tax:£1.35
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