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Bottle Stoppers And Cork Screw Kits

Model: BSC02
Pack of 5. Pre-drilled to accept a 10mm dowel, these high quality corks allow bottle stoppers to be turned quickly and easily...
Ex Tax:£2.05
Bottle Opener Kit Gold
-16 %
Bottle opener, just need to turn a handle between centres...
£5.99 £7.15
Ex Tax:£5.99
Model: DBSC
Wine bottle stopper kit chrome with rubber seal...
Ex Tax:£4.95
Model: DBSG
 Wine stopper kit gold effect with rubber seal...
Ex Tax:£4.95
Droplet Wine Stopper Mandrel
Out of Stock
Model: DBSM
Droplet wine stopper mandrel ..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Model: DBST
Droplet wine stopper threading tap.This cuts a thread that allows you to easily thread a blank on the mandrel it also provides a better bond when gluing the turned blank to bottle stoppers, and more during assembly.For use with bottle stoppers and projects that use a 11/32' drill bit Made of dur..
Ex Tax:£5.25
Model: SBS
Pack of 5. This is a superior wine stopper. It is made from moulded silicone rubber, which is flexible, long wearing, washable and reusable...
Ex Tax:£3.15
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