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Model: BSC2
Pack of 5. Pre-drilled to accept a 10mm dowel, these high quality corks allow bottle stoppers to be turned quickly and easily...
Ex Tax:£2.05
Model: BH35
Small round 50mm (approx) Hinged ring for trinket boxes. Beautifully embossed cast metal. Gold plated. Easily fixed to wood or ceramic with adhesive...
Ex Tax:£3.95
Model: BLN1
Brass nipple, screws into wood and mounts lamp baynot...
Ex Tax:£0.50
Model: SKU000259
Brass light fitting with switch. These fittings must be earthed...
Ex Tax:£4.35
Model: SKU000260
Brass light fitting mounting plate...
Ex Tax:£1.40
Model: BKE
Butter knife blade. Manufactured from first grade 18-8 steel from Sheffield...
Ex Tax:£9.95
Model: CAN
Pack of 4. Brassed candle cups . To take a 30mm candle, 19mm deep..
Ex Tax:£6.30
Model: CVR500
Self adhesive backed velvet Finishes off the base of turned items Supplied in blue or green ..
Ex Tax:£6.95
Model: DBSC
Wine bottle stopper kit chrome with rubber seal...
Ex Tax:£4.95
Model: DBSG
 Wine stopper kit gold effect with rubber seal...
Ex Tax:£4.95
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