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GlassCast 50 Clear Resin

GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
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GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
GlassCast 50 Clear Resin

GlassCast 50 is the remarkable new water-clear epoxy clear casting resin from the makers of the famous GlassCast product. GlassCast 50 is perfect for creating thick, water-clear, bubble-free castings up to 25mm deep. It is especially recommended for Woodturning projects, Pen making, river tables, knot filling and other furniture projects where you will be casting a very thick layer of resin (up to 25mm per pour) and require the best clarity. It can be layered to create deep castings of unlimited depth*.

How to Use

GlassCast 50 has been designed to be as easy-to-use and reliable as possible. It does not require degassing or any other special equipment and in fact will thoroughly degas itself during cure, resulting in a perfectly clear, bubble-free casting. GlassCast 50 uses a simple 2:1 mix ratio by volume meaning that it can be measured and mixed accurately requiring only marked buckets.

Even more remarkable is that GlassCast 50 can be poured into insulating materials (such as wood) at thicknesses up to 25mm in a single pour without overheating, distorting or discolouring. If even more thickness is required, multiple layers of up to 25mm each can be poured on top of each other - following partial cure of the previous layer - to create castings of unlimited thickness.

When not pouring into wood (plastic or silicone moulds for example) GlassCast 50 cast actually be used at thicknesses up to 50mm in a single pour.

Glass Cast 50 is incredibly clear, even at thicknesses of 50mm or more and uses the very latest UV stabilising technology to provide industry leading long-term yellowing protection*.

To create stunning translucent colours (like stained glass) just add a few drops of our resin tinting pigments. GlassCast can also be enhanced with a metal powders, glitters and glow powders to achieve a huge range of decorative effects.

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