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Brand: Chestnut Model: 32046
This acrylic Reducer is the perfect thinner/flow medium for our Iridescent Paints and Metallic Paints, essential when using an air brush.Use sparingly, only a little should be required. This will also ensure that it does not affect the opacity and brightness of the colours...
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Brand: Chestnut Model: EL400A
400ml aerosol. Quick drying, hard-wearing satin black lacquer to imitate the look of ebony. Easy application of an aerosol...
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Chestnut Gilt Cream
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Brand: Chestnut Model: GC30
Gilt cream gives a solid metallic finish on timber.Makes a decorative effect on turned items especially when used with Ebonising Laquer.30ml jars...
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Model: DIP12
Set of 12 colour Ink pencils, used to add colour to Pyrography.  Colours, Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Baked Earth, Bark and Ink Black...
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GlassCast 50 Clear Resin GlassCast 50 Clear Resin
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Model: GS50CR
GlassCast 50 is the remarkable new water-clear epoxy clear casting resin from the makers of the famous GlassCast product. GlassCast 50 is perfect for creating thick, water-clear, bubble-free castings up to 25mm deep. It is especially recommended for Woodturning projects, Pen making, river tables, kn..
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Brand: Jo Sonja's Model: JSFM
Use with Jo Sonja's colours to thin the paint, because using water over dilutes the colour causing poor coverage and adhesion.60ml Bottle..
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Model: JS/I60
Jo Sonja's specialty colour's, iridescent 6 colour's 60ml bottle. Please select colours below, blue, gold, green, red, turquoise and violet...
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Jo Sonja's Metallic Colours Jo Sonja's Metallic Colours
-25 %
Brand: Jo Sonja's Model: JSMC75
Jo Sonja Metallic colours. Sold in 75ml tubes. ..
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Model: JSOD250
This clear gel containing tiny light reflecting, holographic particles creates an interplay of colours reminiscent of rare gems. Use alone or with Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours to create glitter effects on most surfaces without yellowing. 250ml..
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Model: CPYR
Includes a powerful unit, pen, six wire points,small supply of wire sufficient for making approximately 30 fine points, instruction leaflet. Housed in a strong steel case, it is robust and long lasting and suitable for continuous professional use. The pen (for handpiece) has a cool running lightweig..
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Peter Child Pyrography Pen Splitter only
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Brand: Robert Sorby Model: CSPL
Simply switch between pens. No more waiting for tips to cool before changing nibs when you want to use a new shape or different size tip. Allows a second person to use another pen at the same time without compromising the ability to deliver excellent quality projects. ..
£27.95 £32.99
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