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Powder Pigment

Powder Pigment
Powder Pigment
Powder Pigment
Powder Pigment
Powder Pigment
Powder Pigment
Powder Pigment

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14g Pearl Ex Powder Pigment is a high quality and extremely versatile powdered pigment which will produce an amazing metallic or pearlescent effect, which offers extreme colourfastness and stability.

The Pearl Ex powder pigments range produce vibrant colours and are ideal for use with resins and perfect to add metallic effects to casting and coating projects such as stunning river tables, jewellery, pen blanks, resin art and much more. Pearl Ex is a safe, inert powder pigment and due to the differing particle size (10-60 microns) across the range of different colours the effect can vary from a smooth pearly lustre to a strong metallic effect. Pearl Ex powder doesn’t contain any metal so will not fade or tarnish over time. 

How to Use

When using resin systems with the Pearl Ex powder range ‘less is more’. It is best practise to add a small amount and mix well then add more pigment if a more intense colour or metallic effect is required.

Remember that thicker castings will require a lower percentage of pigment because the colour will appear stronger the thicker the section is. Conversely, thinner castings will require a higher percentage of pigment in order to appear to be the same colour as thicker castings.

If you are you are using a resin with a short pot-life it is best to use a small amount of resin, mix in the Pearl Ex powder pigment until you reach the desired colour. Adding small amounts at a time and ensuring no lumps remain in the resin before combining the pigmented resin with the hardener - once the resin and hardener are combined the working time will begin. Alternatively if you are working with a longer pot-life resin use a small amount of combined resin and hardener to mix the powder pigment into. When you are happy no unmixed pigment remains add the rest of the combined resin.

When adding pigments to more reactive materials such as fast curing polyurethanes you will find it helpful to mix the pigment into one side of the resin (either part A or part B) thoroughly before mixing the two parts together and starting the reaction. This allows as much time as is needed to thoroughly disperse the pigment before starting the reaction. If you do choose to pigment just one side of the resin first it's helpful to remember that the addition of the second half of the resin will 'dilute' the tint when you add it.

Work in a well ventilated environment and avoid breathing dust.

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