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Nova 100mm Jaws

Nova 100mm Jaws
Nova 100mm Jaws

Designed to expand your range and capacity of your standard NOVA chuck for specific projects and applications. The NOVA JS100N is one of the most popular chuck accessories to mount 12-14″ bowls. Mount customized false wooden jaws and the customized jaws can be made for special purposes. They are built with a turning dovetail profile to maximize strength without jeopardizing wood fibers, and can hold both in contraction and expansion modes. 

  • Designed for expanded dovetail and reverse dovetail for gripping footed bowls
  • One of the most popular accessories for mounting 12-14″ bowls
  • Same jaw fixing system across all NOVA chuck models – total system interchangeability
  • All NOVA chuck accessory jaws are designed to hold in the expansion and contraction model
  • 6-Year Warranty

Expanding Grip

96.8mm (3.81”) – 118mm (4.64”)

Contracting Grip
Square: 77mm (3.03”) – 56mm (2.2”)
Spigot: 99mm (3.89”) – 76mm (2.99”)
Actual sizes may vary depending on which NOVA chuck is being used.

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