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Brand: Chesnut Model: Aerogun
Spraying almost always gives the best finish; AeroGun fits any of our aerosol lacquers and sealers and makes a simple job even easier. Perfectly shaped to fit in your hand, the easy pull trigger mechanism depresses the nozzle without you having to keep pressing down on it; perfect for those long, re..
Ex Tax:£6.30
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: Pyropen
The Pyrography pen offers extraordinary close control with an industry leading tip to grip distance of 32mm (1 .”). This closer control enables you to easily create the designs and patterns you want – just like drawing with a pencil...
Ex Tax:£40.25
Brand: Planet Model: LAT1/2
Lathe alignment tool MT1 or MT2. Used for swivel head lathes, to get the correct alignment, between centres...
Ex Tax:£15.30
Record Power 3 Piece Bowl Turning Tool Set
-18 %
Brand: Record Power Model: 103720
The Record Power 3 Piece Bowl Turning Tool Set contains the three essential tools for bowl turning - 3/8” bowl gouge, 1/2” domed scraper and 3/16” parting tool.   These tools are manufactured to a standard that makes them perfect for use by demanding professionals but also at a cost ..
£89.99 £109.99
Ex Tax:£89.99
Brand: Record Power Model: 103710
The Record Power 3 Piece Spindle Turning Tools set contains the three essential tools for spindle turning - 1” spindle roughing gouge, 3/8” spindle gouge and 1/8” parting tool.   These tools are manufactured to a standard that makes them perfect for use by demanding professionals but a..
£99.99 £109.99
Ex Tax:£99.99
Brand: GlassCast Model: RBT50
This special high quality tape is designed specifically for use as a barrier or release tape for industrial resins like epoxy. It is smooth, very strong, non-stretch and totally non-stick, making it incredibly useful for a wide range of epoxy resin applications. The tape is supplied 50mm x 66m .  ..
Ex Tax:£14.95
Brand: GlassCast Model: GCMPP20
How to Use It's really easy to get started with SHIMR powders but there are lots of opportunities to develop your own creative techniques as you experiment with them. One of the most distinctive features of the powders is the way that that 'swirls' are produced when you pour or stir through resin t..
Ex Tax:£4.96
Brand: GlassCast Model: ÀI9
The Exciter pack contains all 9 of the 0.5oz colours in one handy pack. Sunbright Yellow Calabaza Orange Senorita Magenta Passion Purple Baja Blue Rainforest Green Blanco Blanco Mantilla Black Rich Gold..
Ex Tax:£29.95
Brand: GlassCast Model: CSO50
This high quality silicone cell dispersion media is for use in epoxy resin art to create amazing cells and lacing effects. The product reacts with the epoxy resin and to create cell like effects, lacing and movement between the different colours resulting in circular formations and bold patterns and..
Ex Tax:£2.95
Brand: GlassCast Model: CEPSS10X20
Up to 5kg (5 litres) of epoxy resin can be coloured using a singe 20ml bottle of CULR™ pigment, making them the most concentrated resin pigments available whilst the advanced liquid formula ensures that these intense pigments disperse in seconds. Better still, the concentration of these vibrant liqu..
Ex Tax:£24.95
Brand: GlassCast Model: CEPM20
20ml super-concentrated, solid colour liquid pigments used to add strong, vibrant, opaque colour to resin for projects including resin flow art, countertops, decorative flooring, wood inlays, resin castings and more. Please select the options for colour or set...
Ex Tax:£3.95
Brand: Record Power Model: 17001
FREE DELIVERY UK MAINLANDRotating and Sliding Headstock Unlike many cast bed lathes, the headstock of the Envoy can be rotated 360º, optimising access and also making it ideal for left-handed turners. A bearing system beneath the headstock allows it to be locked at 90º to the lathe bed and it c..
Ex Tax:£1,759.99
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