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Hampshire Sheen

Hampshire Sheen gives you a truly lasting finish that will add a stunning, protective coating to your work that is strong, fingerprint and water resistant. It is stronger than the other paste waxes on the market. Hampshire Sheen will keep your work looking its best for longer. You will find you need less of it than other waxes to get your desired finish. Be proud of your finishing. Use the best and get fanatical about it.

Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSHG130
Using high quantities of carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, this product is an extremely hard wearing finish, outlasting a beeswax based finish many times over.By applying in light coats, your finish can be brought from a lustre, right the way up to a bright gloss with a warm and tactile ‘..
£12.00 £12.99
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Hampshire Sheen Microcrystalline Wax
-30 %
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSMC130
Microcrystalline Wax’s fingerprint and water resistant qualities will make sure your decorative turned pieces are as protected as possible during normal handling. It can also be used for a multitude of other applications, including the cleaning and protection of leather, antiques and other v..
£6.99 £9.99
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Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSCC31
A secret blend of Carnauba and Microcrystalline waxes in a 31g turners stick that produces a gloss finish like nothing else. Easier to apply than a traditional carnauba wax stick...
Ex Tax:£5.00
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSPT31
A 100% microcrystalline stick for pen turners who enjoy the benefits of this special wax on their turned pens, be them wood or otherwise. It applies over any finish the turner favours to give a fingerprint resistant, glossy shine. Ron Caddy, the well known pen turner uses this prod..
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Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSCO500
Hampshire Sheen’s Citrus Burnishing Oil leaves a silky smooth, fresh smelling food safe (BS EN 71-3:2019) finish on your turned pieces. This oil can be easily applied and then burnished dry in a matter of minutes, and can be overcoated with waxes or lacquers if you wish. Use multiple coats f..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil
-10 %
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSFSDO6
Hampshire Sheen’s Danish Oil is food safe and compliant to EN71 toy safe when dry. Thinner, more penetrating and less smelly that other Danish Oils, our product contains only pure Tung Oil and no artificial varnish, resins or other vegetable oils. The solvent used to aid drying is dearom..
£9.00 £9.99
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Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSCSS6
This cellulose sealer and thinners mix (pre-thinned) is most suitable for both standard work, and for work with added colour or texture. Brilliant for Use Over Coloured Woods. This is our preferred sealer for use over the Intrinsic Colour Collection, or other water based wood stains...
£11.00 £11.50
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Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSCL500
Hampshire Sheen’s clear gloss Spray Lacquer has been formulated to be strong and flexible. It can be used for both internal and external projects, and is best used on decorative items. Fast drying and high gloss; Use on metal and other media; Weather resistant, light proof and UV resistant; ..
£10.00 £10.50
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Hampshire Sheen Black Gloss Lacquer
-10 %
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSBL500
Hampshire Sheen’s Deep Gloss Black Lacquer has been formulated to be strong and flexible. It can be used for both internal and external projects, and is best used on decorative items. Easy and quick to apply, Fast drying and high gloss; Can be used for both internal and external projects on ..
£9.50 £10.50
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Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: ICSAM
Twelve shades of colour developed and mixed by Martin Saban-Smith available here in 15ml sample bottles. Each set comes with a handy full colour colouring guide of the technique Martin uses to colour his work. The colouring guide also includes descriptions of each colour to assist colourblin..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: ICB250
Individual bottles of the Intrinsic Colour Collection in a large 250ml size. Select colour required..
Ex Tax:£8.50
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: HSGO60
60gm tin. Hampshire Sheen Gold is designed to be used on open grain woods such as oak or ash and works brilliantly to highlight textured elements on tighter grained woods. Use in conjunction with the Intrinsic Colour Collection for stunning results. Apply liberally and buff to a gloss. There..
Ex Tax:£6.50
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