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Brand: Chestnut Model: Aerogun
Spraying almost always gives the best finish; AeroGun fits any of our aerosol lacquers and sealers and makes a simple job even easier. Perfectly shaped to fit in your hand, the easy pull trigger mechanism depresses the nozzle without you having to keep pressing down on it; perfect for those long, re..
Ex Tax:£7.20
Brand: Chestnut Model: AL500
Hard-wearing water based lacquer for use on bare wood or with Acrylic Sanding Sealer...
Ex Tax:£12.90
Brand: Chestnut Model: AGL400A
400ml aerosol. Hard-wearing, quick drying durable lacquer suitable for many uses. Easy application of an aerosol...
Ex Tax:£8.70
Brand: Chestnut Model: ASS500
Quick drying water based sealer for use with acrylic lacquers and paste or wax finishes. Safe for toys. 500ml...
Ex Tax:£12.50
Brand: Chestnut Model: ASS400A
A water based sanding sealer with an accelerated drying time and easy sanding for use with Acrylic Lacquers and many other finishes, in an easy to use aerosol. Complies with EN71 for use on toys...
Ex Tax:£8.70
Brand: Chestnut Model: ASL400A
400ml aerosol. Hard-wearing, quick drying durable lacquer suitable for many uses. Easy application of an aerosol...
Ex Tax:£8.70
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Chestnut Burnishing Cream 500ml
-12 %
Brand: Chestnut Model: BC500
High quality liquid preparation for reviving and burnishing polishes and lacquers...
£13.20 £15.00
Ex Tax:£13.20
Brand: Chestnut Model: CWS
Carnauba wax produces a high gloss and hard wearing finish on the lathe. Best applied sparingly with a safety cloth to buff to a high gloss. Can also be used with C buffing wheels...
Ex Tax:£5.50
Brand: Chestnut Model: CCSS400A
Cellulose Sanding Sealer (Aerosol) Cellulose Sanding Sealer, quick drying, easy to use and sand, in a convenient aerosol for superb results every time...
Ex Tax:£9.65
Brand: Chestnut Model: CSS500/1
Quick drying easy sand sealer for use prior to application of many types of lacquer, polish and waxes. Safe for toys...
Ex Tax:£11.55
Brand: Chestnut Model: CT500/1
Specifically designed for use with Cellulose Sanding Sealer, Melamine Lacquer and Spirit Stain...
Ex Tax:£10.30
Brand: Chestnut Model: CCP225
Cut’n’Polish is a blend of two waxes with a fine abrasive held in suspension within them. This is a soft wax designed to stay ‘wet’ slightly longer during application, allowing it to lubricate the abrasive to give a very fine cut to the timber and also to collect any dust generated during use and s..
Ex Tax:£11.00
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