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Abrasive Paste

Abrasive paste cuts down on sandpaper, which also cuts down on dust, and the use of dust extraction.

Brand: Chestnut Model: CCP225
Cut’n’Polish is a blend of two waxes with a fine abrasive held in suspension within them. This is a soft wax designed to stay ‘wet’ slightly longer during application, allowing it to lubricate the abrasive to give a very fine cut to the timber and also to collect any dust generated during use and s..
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Yorkshire Grit
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Model: YG227
Yorkshire grit is an abrasive paste formulated to give a fine keyed surface to your turnings, prior to applying your finish of choice. It consists of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including mineral oil, beeswax and ultra fine grinding powders. These are then carefully blended (without the use of..
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Model: YGMF227
Yorkshire Grit microfine abrasive paste is ideal for that extra fine finish, without the use of fine sandpapers. It is best used at a slower speed, as the fine cut creates heat. This product works excellent on acrylics and polyester, so will be very useful to pen turners. Size 227g..
Ex Tax:£10.95
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