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Wood Finishing

Brand: Chestnut Model: AL500
Hard-wearing water based lacquer for use on bare wood or with Acrylic Sanding Sealer...
Ex Tax:£12.90
Brand: Chestnut Model: LO500
Near matt, low build finish with a fresh lemon aroma. Non-oxidising and water resistant...
Ex Tax:£11.55
Brand: Chestnut Model: ML500
Quick drying, melamine lacquer with increased heat and water resistance. Safe for toys...
Ex Tax:£12.90
Brand: Chestnut Model: NPW
Nyweb Pad extra fine (red) finishing starts with good preparation! Use these mildly abrasive pads after sanding for that final smoothing process to give a near perfect surface prior to applying finish, very long lasting, these pads are also very flexible and do not crumble, thus avoiding any fear of..
Ex Tax:£1.65
Brand: Chestnut Model: CWS250
Quick drying, fade resistant wood stain. Various colours available...
Ex Tax:£8.35
Model: PW1-1
Paraffin wax is the best way to seal the end grain for drying wood. We use this on all our wood blanks. The only draw back to it , it's got to be melted in a hot pan...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Intrinsic Colour Bottles 250ml
-24 %
Brand: Hampshire Sheen Model: ICB250
Individual bottles of the Intrinsic Colour Collection in a large 250ml size. Select colour required..
£6.50 £8.50
Ex Tax:£6.50
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