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Brand: Tormek Model: SVD-110
For turning scrapers, screw drivers, cabinet scrapers, hollowing tools and spoke shave blades...
Ex Tax:£23.40
Brand: Tormek Model: SVS-38
For straight shanked tools down to 45 mm (1 3/4") length. Also for power carvers. Max. tool width 32 mm (1 1/4")...
Ex Tax:£17.80
Tormek  Woodturners Kit
-17 %
Brand: Tormek Model: TNT-808
Contains: SVD-186 for turning gouges and tool tipsSVS-50 for carving and lathe tools.TTS-100 angle and setting gauge for SVD-186 and SVS-50SVD-110 support plate with TorlockLA-120 profile impellerMH-380 grinding machine coverTNT-300 DVD and comprehensive tuition manualPacked in a high-quality storag..
£239.95 £287.98
Ex Tax:£239.95
Brand: Tormek Model: SVA-170
For carving and carpenter?s axes. Max. axe size 170 mm (6 1/2")...
Ex Tax:£12.25
Brand: Tormek Model: TT-50
With this unique tool, TORMEK TT-50, you can true and dress your grindstone exactly round and flat. It mounts and locks instantly on the TORMEK Universal Support. The tool is guided by the Universal Support, which also guides the jigs. This ensures that the stone surface is always parallel to the to..
Ex Tax:£61.70
Brand: Tormek Model: SVD-186R
Use the SVD-186-R for sharpening woodturning gouges (bowl, spindle and fingernail) to a razor like edge. The Tormek SVD-186-R will handle most carving gouges up to 36mm wide, carving vee tools and multi-tip scraper blades with mounting holes from 5mm to 8mm diameter. The SVD-186-R and Tormek wetsto..
Ex Tax:£70.70
Brand: Tormek Model: PA-70
 For application on the leather honing wheels. Polishes the edge to a mirror finish. Impregnate the leather with light machine oil before the first use...
Ex Tax:£7.75
Brand: Tormek Model: XB-100
An extra Universal Support permits a convenient mounting in both the vertical and the horizontal position. Also for upgrading earlier models...
Ex Tax:£21.00
Brand: Tormek Model: HTK806
With this kit you are ready to give your common hand tools a whole new edge. The two knife jigs will handle most knives including chef's knives, filleting knives and hobby knives. The scissors jig can be used for general sized paper scissors as well as your heavy garden shears. With the axe jig you ..
£179.99 £186.98
Ex Tax:£179.99
Brand: Tormek Model: SVM-45
For most knives. Min. blade length 60 mm (2 3/8")...
Ex Tax:£29.30
Brand: Tormek Model: SVM-140
For long and thin knives, e.g. filleting knives. Min length of blade 160 mm (6 ?")...
Ex Tax:£38.10
Brand: Tormek Model: MH-380
For protecting the machine from wood dust!..
Ex Tax:£15.80
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