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Robert Sorby

Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 447
The Deluxe system changes from Fingernaill Profiler to platform use in seconds. Incorporates Fingernail Profiler, Profiler arm removable for ease of use. Includes angle finder jig. Fully adjustable for bevel angle & side grind. Large stable sharpening platform. Image shows 447 Deluxe Universal Sharp..
£119.00 £127.97
Ex Tax:£119.00
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 475
Ultra fine Honing Compound (150g). Can be used with both ProEdge Systems and the Sharpening/Honing Kit...
Ex Tax:£8.20
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 447JAT
  A slotted table to fit onto the 447 to take a range of sharpening jigs. Image shows Jig Adapter Table and 447 Deluxe Universal Sharpening System. JIGS AVAILIBLE IN PROEDGE CATEGORIE...
Ex Tax:£21.80
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: Pyropen
The Pyrography pen offers extraordinary close control with an industry leading tip to grip distance of 32mm (1 .”). This closer control enables you to easily create the designs and patterns you want – just like drawing with a pencil...
Ex Tax:£40.25
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: PPSP
Simply switch between pens. No more waiting for tips to cool before changing nibs when you want to use a new shape or different size tip. Allows a second person to use another pen at the same time without compromising the ability to deliver excellent quality projects. ..
Ex Tax:£32.99
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: RSJ15
Patriot 1.3/8" Jaws. Designed for smaller projects like boxes and bowls up to 6"...
Ex Tax:£45.30
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: RSJ1
Patriot 1" Jaws. With a fine internal and external dovetail, these 1" jaws areperfect for gripping miniature projects..
Ex Tax:£41.30
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: 805H 3/16''
3/16'' captive ring tool, other cutters available...
Ex Tax:£22.65
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: RSJ5
Patriot 4.1/4" Jaws. These jaws enable a much bigger recess or spigot to be held and are hence designed for bowls and platters over 16"..
Ex Tax:£66.00
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