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Record Power Chuck Accessories

Brand: Record Power Model: RP2000A
Designed for holding small pieces of work, these jaws feature teeth for extra hold on the external face and can hold internally down to 5 mm, while the external grip is 24 mm...
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Brand: Record Power Model: RP2000B
Featuring two diameters to allow for greater flexibility. The internal and external faces feature teeth for superior gripping. Internal grip is 3 mm, while the external grips are 18 and 31 mm...
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Brand: Record Power Model: RP2000C
Suitable for holding larger pieces of work, these jaws also have teeth on the internal and external faces to give extra grip. The internal grip is 55 mm and the external grip is 68 mm...
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Brand: Record Power Model: RP2000D
These jaws can be used for contracting around the workpiece or expanding into it without leaving marks. They are ideal for remounting bowls and other items, such as goblet bases without marking, thanks to the rubber sleeved stops supplied with the jaws. Two sets of these stops are supplied – E..
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Record SC Fastening Kit
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62836
SC-Chucks Fastening Kit Standard fastenings spares kit for the Record Power SC3 and SC4 chucks. The kit contains 8 hex socket head screws for jaws, 3 and 4 mm hex wrenches and a blind set screw and fibre washer for chuck inserts...
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62811
Never take the chuck off your lathe. This allows you to quickly mount a spur centre on your chuck and is ideal for the bowl turner who does some spindle work...
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Record SC Woodworm Screw
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62833
Standard Woodworm Screw RH The SC3 and SC4 are supplied with the indispensable Record Power woodworm screw. Ideal for mounting bowl blanks, this screw is held in the jaws of the chuck, giving exceptional holding power. This means a separate wood screw chuck need not be used and the chuck can stay on..
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62337
62337 Pen Jaws These jaws are fantastically effective for drilling pen blanks. They eliminate the need for a drill press and offer much more accurate results and the deep grip to all four sides ensures incredible holding power. Drilling on the lathe means the feed speed of the drill bit is under you..
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62336
62336 Mini Spigot Jaws with 13 mm Bore To complement the new pin jaws, the mini spigot jaws have also been improved. These jaws perform many of the same tasks in expansion and the extra screw hole profiles and added teeth to the outside provide tremendous grip for when this area will not be visible ..
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62327
62327 Pin Jaws with 9 mm Bore Our new pin jaws have been improved by squaring the external shoulder to allow workpieces to properly register against the back of the jaws. This is ideal for use in expansion, to grip tubes in work pieces such as pepper or salt grinders. We have also reduced the intern..
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Brand: Record Power Model: 62321
62321 35 mm Standard Jaws These jaws are a smaller version of the standard 50 mm jaws, featuring the same dovetail profile in expansion and the superb grip of the hawk beak design on contraction. Designed specifically for smaller spigots and recesses, this set is incredibly versatile and makes a gre..
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