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Model: 8JS
Set of 8 screws to fit Charnwood chucks...
Ex Tax:£3.50
Model: Viperic
M33 x 3.5 Exert. Threaded sleeve to convert the Viper 2 chuck for use with any lathe with a M33 x 3.5 thread on the headstock. 1" x 8tpi external thread, M33 x 3.5 internal thread...
Ex Tax:£20.00
Model: LSC
Re-chucking bowls and platters for finishing or light shaping has always been something woodturners want to solve. The Longworth style chuck makes it easy. The self-centering scroll operation quickly adjusts to fit the work and tightening only takes a few seconds. Designed for clamping in a traditio..
Ex Tax:£99.95
Brand: Nova Model: JS130N
The big brother to the 100mm jaw set, designed to handle large work up to 750mm in diameter. An ideal jaw for the Supernova2 (the power of this chuck matches the big capacity of these jaws)...
Ex Tax:£46.99
Brand: Nova Model: JS20N
NOVA Mini Jaws enrich the NOVA chuck system by extending its potential into the mini turning area. The 20mm jaw expands into a recess between 20mm and 41.5mm diameter. When gripping a spigot the range is 8mm to 30mm diameter. These jaws will also hold square stock between 10mm and 20mm. Suits both S..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Nova Model: JS25N
One of our most popular and convenient jaws for small bowl and small unsupported spigot turning work. Ideal for mini/midi lathe work, or for work below the size that can be handled by the 50mm jaw set. Expansion: 26 - 46 mm Contraction Square: 28 - 9 mm Contraction Spigot: 31 - 10 mm..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Nova Model: 6019
The 35mm bowl jaws fit perfectly into the current jaw range, filling the gap between the 25mm and 50mm. These jaws are perfect for small to medium sizes with maximum grip provided by the dovetail...
Ex Tax:£29.99
Brand: Nova Model: JS-SP45
Same style as the 35mm spigot, these jaws provide a strong contracting grip to unsupported spigot turning applications e.g. vases, goblets. Can handle spigots from 38mm (1.5?) to 60mm (2.38?)...
Ex Tax:£47.99
Brand: Nova Model: JS75DT
Great for gripping the base of bowls in the contracting mode. Three step sizes provide optimum gripping for three base sizes with minimal crush damage to the wood. Optimum step sizes: 42mm (1.65"), 50mm (2") and 64mm (2.5")...
Ex Tax:£44.99
Brand: Nova Model: 101204
These jaws act like a pin chuck, expanding into a pre-bored hole. The longer jaws allow for a strong spigot grip for smaller work. A dovetail profile allows for expansion into small recesses. Expansion: 25-45 mm Contraction Square: 31-10 mm Contraction Spigot: 30-8 mm..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Nova Model: JSPIN
These extended jaws are designed to act like a pin chuck, expanding into a pre-bored hole, a useful technique for free form edge bowls as you don't have to bore an exact size as with other pin jaws. The longer jaws allow for a very powerful grip for smaller work such as lace bobbins. Also features a..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Robert Sorby Model: RSJ15
Patriot 1.3/8" Jaws. Designed for smaller projects like boxes and bowls up to 6"...
Ex Tax:£45.30
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