Translucent Tinting Pigment (6 Pack)

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Set of 6 Primary Colours

  • 25ml Red
  • 25ml Green
  • 25ml Blue
  • 25ml Purple
  • 25ml Yellow
  • 25ml Orange

A set of 6 high quality translucent tinting pigments intended for creating subtle tints or translucent colouring of water-clear casting resins including polyester, polyurethane and epoxy casting resins.

The set comprises of 6 primary colours ideal for tinting or pigmenting jewellery, sculptures and design prototypes with anywhere between a faint hint of colour to a very strong, yet still translucent colour.

Only a tiny drop of these specially developed pigments is needed to add translucent colour effects to resin castings and so each 25ml bottle is sufficient to tint large quantities of resin. In fact, a subtle tinting effect can be achieved with less than 0.0004% (1 droplet in a 35g casting) and so each bottle is capable of tinting 40kgs of resin!

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