Example of how to use Buff It by David Lowe (RPT)

Buff it is a coloured emulsified wax which can be used in a variety of different ways, here is an example of how to use it as a grain colour fill.

1/ Firstly choose an open grained wood such as Ash. Turn the area to be coloured and sand down to 400grit.

2/ Brush out the grain using a soft wire brush i.e. soft brass.

3/ Spray with acrylic sanding sealer followed by ebonising lacquer.

4/ Seal once more with acrylic spray.

5/ Wipe the colour of your choice into the grain. (If the colour is too firm, it can be thinned down with Jo Sonja's flow medium)

6/ Remove excess colour with either flow medium, citrus oil or lemon oil on a paper towel.

7/ Finally a last spray of acrylic sealer and finish with lacquer, oil or soft wax.